Herald: ANDs and ORs in same condition rule


Reading the documentation and doing some research i can’t seen to find a way to use “all of” and “any of” in the same conditions

What do i mean?
I want to add a project tag when a new task is created AND the Author OR the Asignee is certain USER

When looking at the Herald page i can only use “all of” or “any of” for all the terms of the condition. Is there a way to bypass this?

Thanks for everything!

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To express A AND (B OR C), write these two rules:

Rule X
When [ any ]:
[ Condition B ]
[ Condition C ]
Take these actions:
[ Do nothing ]


Rule Y
When [ all ]:
[ Condition A ]
[ Another Herald rule ][ matches ][ Rule X ]
Take actions:
[ Actually do stuff ]

This is cumbersome, but if you’re writing a lot of these rules, Herald may not be the best tool for the job. Herald is good for writing simple rules; if you need more complicated behavior you’re likely to be better served by another approach (webhooks, extensions, builds, etc.)

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