[Herald] "Another Herald Rule" shows "(Disabled)" rules


Observed Behavior:
When you add a condition of “Another Herald Rule” to a Herald Rule, the list of rules to select includes any disabled rules with the rule name replaced with “(Disabled)”. Since this sorts quite early in ASCII, these all appear at the top of the selection list.

Expected Behavior:

  1. This field should be a search text box like most other fields in Phabricator where you need to add objects, as a select dropdown can become unweildy if there are a lot of Herald Rules defined.
  2. Disabled rules should be filtered out.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator cc69bed52fb9ed8beef136f7dfef555a1e91331f (Sat, Jun 23) (branched from cac3dc4983c3671ba4ec841aac8efac10744a80c on origin) arcanist b4ba68b9757518525ace92f87de82238041b1882 (Sat, Jun 23) (branched from 222800a86ed002c564e2760d6c5d9e93810b5b96 on origin) phutil 47c97f0c48429a25f35ca9b515c7b9e15889d77f (Sat, Jun 9) (branched from 4206849bb05b60f536a1c78e33adee68dac67aa9 on origin)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Disable some Herald Rules
  2. Create a new Herald Rule (or Edit an existing one)
  3. Add a Condition “Another Herald Rule matches”


This issue seems to be already known as T9136. But based on Evan Priestley’s comment “I think (?) these are different rules, none of which have names, but this UI can clearly be improved.”, it may not be clear that the rule names are being replaced by (Disabled) where perhaps the original intention was to add that as a prefix or suffix.