Herald Rule pass but haven't received email

Working on 30 days trial just to find out if it fulfills our requirement.

URL: https://test-npf.phacility.com/


  1. Added a GIT repository under Diffusion.
  2. Created a Herald Rule. Attached is the transcript for details.
  3. Changed a file in repository and pushed the code but haven’t received any email but as per transcript it say rule passed and “Queued email to be delivered to target: narendra.”

Problem is, we haven’t got any email on the given users email address. Ideally i should receive that email.


Please help out if i am doing anything wrong so that we can proceed with our POC.


This message shows as delivered on our side:

Since it looks like your domain is backed by GMail, you may be able to find more information in gsuite.google.com > Admin Console > Reports > Audit > Email Log Search, then search for the message ID ("20190529150422.1.643ECF2DE2E39410@phacility.com").

Thanks for quick reply.

As per your screenshot, email subject as “[Diffusion] [Committed] rTR6ec867157f8a: First commit” is received here also. No problems in this.

My concerns is -> This mail is a Diffusion commit mail not of Herald. This mail just tells me that someone has commit some code but ideally i should get a mail that this herald rule is passed and someone commit something which is not recommended.

See mail body below, it is not telling me that Herald Rule [SQL Check] passed, this is why you received this mail.

I hope i am able to explain what i want.


Herald doesn’t modify mail content.

See also https://secure.phabricator.com/T13069#236144 and linked tasks.