Herald rule to trigger certain processes such as linting?

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to the Phabricator platform and have an interesting problem at hand.

I would like to use a herald rule to trigger a linting tool. Any suggestions would be appreciated on where to look on this further.

I currently have a Herald rule that looks for regex match for certain keywords and places a blocking code review. It often results in false positives and I would like to reduce the false positive rate and was thinking if I could somehow trigger a linting process where Herald regex rule is activated.

You can run linters through Harbormaster:

  • Write a Herald Rule with a “Run Builds…” action.
  • Run a build like “Run Linters”.
  • This build calls some service you write which runs linters.
  • It can report results back by calling harbormaster.sendmessage in Conduit.
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Thank you Evan! I was also investigating Harbormaster. This is very helpful.