How can I create cutom fields in Phabricator Manipfest programmatically?

How can I use the maniphest.custom-field-definitions for Phabricator from the cli? I know how to create the custom fields using the UI based on the docs, but I am trying to do this using a command line option by passing in the JSON as stdin if possible.

I am aware that I can conduct various operations from the command like like config, auth, api etc etc, but I could not find a pointer on how to work with custom fields from the command line.

You can use the following command to edit the custom field definitions from a shell:

phabricator/bin/config set maniphest.custom-field-definitions "{ your customfield json here}"

Ah! You are right. I did try it, but because this doesnt reflect on the config/maniphest panel, i didnt think it worked at first.

Does this method work with most of the attributes for phabricator?


It should work for any config key that is editable (that is most, or maybe all of them?)

Yes you are right. And i love the --database option which helps with migrations quite a lot! Thanks!