How Can I Install Phabricator

Hi Admin,

I’m New In Here, I curious how can i get the source to Install Phabricator.

thank you

The installation guide is a good starting place

However be aware that as of June 1, 2021 the project is no longer maintained.

okay… I already try that method but it’s seems doesn’t work well for me… any other solution?

Hi Dee,

I understand you are having a problem getting the source to install Phabricator. Don’t worry, this is a common problem and easily fixed!

I also understand that using git clone to get the source code (as described in the install documentation) isn’t working well for you. I’m sorry to hear that, but this is no problem. A lot of users who have trouble using git clone to retrieve source code from GitHub go on to have long and profitable lives installing and using Phabricator.

Anyway, what is your fax number? I will fax you a copy of the source code right away. This should solve your problem.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi epriestly, i don’t have fax how about email?

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