How can you customize `diff` and `land` without `arcanist_configuration`

It looks like the new version of arc removes the arcanist_configuration .arcconfig key. We were using that to run customizations for building the commit message used by arc diff, update our bug tracking system after arc diff and arc land, and to do cascade merges after arc land. Is there a new way to do these things after the 2020 Week 16 changes?

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There is currently no replacement for arcanist_configuration, and no planned direct replacement.

(As far as I’m aware, no current customers actually use this feature.)

Formal upstream support for some of the behavior you mention is planned (see:, but I don’t have a timeline.

You may be able to continue using the legacy-2019 branch until these features are more widely available, or modify arc to add the hooks you need until they’re provided by the upstream.

Are there any updates to this issue? @ian what approach did you end up with?

We also customized arc diff, but after the update it is broken.

We switched to the legacy-2019 branch, it’s kind of unfortunate…