How create new repo via Phabricator API

I want to create a batch of Repository in Phabricator. These repo already created in gitlab, So i want to just export them into Phabricator via APIs. But i didn’t find those APIs worked for this. i could do this manually via Phab UI, like this, while it is not efficient for batch of repository.

api_parameters = [
        {"type": "uri", "value": "ssh://git@test/test.git"},
        {"type": "io", "value": "Observe"},
        {"type": "repository", "value": ""},
        {"type": "name", "value": "TEST"},

    res =, data={"api.token": TOKEN, "api_parameters": api_parameters})

I tried this, but error.

b'{"result":null,"error_code":"ERR-CONDUIT-CALL","error_info":"API Method \\"diffusion.repository.edit\\" does not define these parameters: \'type\'."}'

diffusion.repository.edit is the right API call, but this is not how you invoke it.

Visit your install’s https://<phabricator>/conduit/method/diffusion.repository.edit/, and enter the values there, and submit.
Then, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see examples on how to make this call using Arcanist or using cURL.