How do I see all the tasks historically that had a phabricator Herald rule applied to them?

I made a herald rule that had an unintended effect on some tasks in my project. I need to be able to look up the historical log of all the tasks that had the rule applied to them to fix the tasks that were erroneously affected by the rule. Is there anywhere in herald or phabricator that let’s me do that?

I think you’ll have to look in the database directly for that.

You can search the Maniphest Transactions table for transactions with the relevant effect, where authorPHID is PHID-APPS-PhabricatorHeraldApplication; These bulk all the transactions done by Herald, so it might get too much information.

You can also explore the tables under phabricator_herald_transcript* (Code is here) - it’s old code, but it drives this page via HeraldTranscriptController, so the data is all there somewhere.