How does `git branch --verbose --no-abbrev --contains '<hash>' --` work on a unpushed commit attached to a diff

So I’ve been writing a service to to interact with the phab API.

On a harbormaster build plan for a diff, I grab the most recent diffed but unpushed commit which I’ve so far mocked as the first element with a ‘gtcm’ key of the array of hashes returned when you hit the differential.query endpoint.

However I’ve run into an issue that every commit from the hashes array for the diff seems to return the following when I pass it to the diffusion.branchquery api:

Command failed with error #129!
git branch --verbose --no-abbrev --contains '<hash>' -- 


error: no such commit <hash>
usage: git branch [<options>] [-r | -a] [--merged | --no-merged]
   or: git branch [<options>] [-l] [-f] <branch-name> [<start-point>]
   or: git branch [<options>] [-r] (-d | -D) <branch-name>...
   or: git branch [<options>] (-m | -M) [<old-branch>] <new-branch>
   or: git branch [<options>] (-c | -C) [<old-branch>] <new-branch>
   or: git branch [<options>] [-r | -a] [--points-at]
   or: git branch [<options>] [-r | -a] [--format]

Generic options
    -v, --verbose         show hash and subject, give twice for upstream branch
    -q, --quiet           suppress informational messages
    -t, --track           set up tracking mode (see git-pull(1))
    -u, --set-upstream-to <upstream>
                          change the upstream info
    --unset-upstream      Unset the upstream info
    --color[=<when>]      use colored output
    -r, --remotes         act on remote-tracking branches
    --contains <commit>   print only b... (1,294 more bytes) ...

Curious if there’s a reason why it would occur when earlier in the day this method was working or if there’s something I’m missing?

Is it running the command directly in the repo or a cheap copy of the repo? Could it be off/old?

Ah so I believe I’ve found the issue, seems I need to push the commit to the remote for it to actually work.

Not sure what you’re trying to build, but you might be interested in this article: ◉ Harbormaster User Guide .