How fresh is your browser as of Phabricator user?

I started wondering on what’s the most recent revision of ECMAScript I can rely on to make new pretty frontend for Phabricator users? Here’s related thread:
So, the question again is in browser version you all guys have? I usually update Chrome a lot, but I need your side of things. :smirk:

Maybe, you can use the last revision of ECMAScript you want and add babel.

If user with old browser want to use your new front, he has to change babel configuration.

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Ah, well, potential Phabricator’s users most likely update their browsers a lot, so I think to stick to ES2020. If any, developer will be able to change target just with one line change in nuxt.config.js.

This is an interesting question.

Hoping to give a wider perspective, it’s important to do not lost support on the “stable” releases. For example, at the time of writing, the current Debian GNU/Linux stable distribution is buster, and it distributes Chromium (Chrome) 80 and Firefox 68.8.

So, this page should tell us the minimum acceptable version:

Note that they are not unsecure versions, are just “freezed” versions with zero-bug and that only receive security patches and does not receive other features to do not introduce other security bugs, and for these reasons are currently in use, by an important minority. Well, not just me :^) but think also users of enterprise companies, schools, etc.

Well, I cited Debian stable because is a widely adopted distribution to start creating so much other distributions used by millions:

My current employer has an install of a VMware product, the console of which only works in MSIE with Flash enabled. I’m not sure what this product is supposed to do, as I’ve never been able to log in…