How remove mails from Phabricator mail queue

My google is bouncing mail for After changing this mail id also the mail is still bouncing to Is it the issue of phab or google. If it’s the issue with phab please tell me How to remove this mail queue from phabricator using commands.

Hi Sinoj,

  • Is this self-hosted phabricator?
  • What email server are you running? That’s separate from phabricator.
  • Are you able to send any email from the command line, rather than through phab?


I am running mail using and configured with cluster mail service inside phab.
And is self hosted in an aws instance.
I doesn’t check with command line .

Ok, right. There’s a variety of ways to configure the mailer. We usually use “Mailer: Sendmail”, in which case if you get email working on the host, it will also work for phab. You might consider trying that option.

You are perhaps using “Mailer: SMTP” instead.

The gmail host is , not Then, you must set username and password.

In , it mentions all the configs to connect to “Mailer: SMTP”. You might try setting those parameters in a different email client (like Thunderbird, Outlook, exim, postfix, any other mailer) as a test to verify they are correct.