How to change 'Phabricator' site name


I have created my instance of Phabricator, but I need to change the site name (Currently showing as ‘Phabricator’) on the top left of my page (Screenshot below) - to my Company name. Does anyone know how I change this?





Try the “Config” ui.logo and use the wordmarkText


This worked great.
Thanks so much mydeveloperday!



Incase your interested… and this may not be the correct way of doing this, but when I was doing all the logo stuff for my instance, I also “theme’d” the instance with our company primary corporate colors

in /webroot/rsrc/css/application/base/phui-theme.css I added (a mycompany theme style)

.phui-theme-mycompany .phabricator-main-menu-background {
  background: #124A1B; 

in /src/applications/config/option/PhabricatorUIConfigOptions.php I added (the MyCompany option)

  public function getOptions() {
    $options = array(
      'blindigo' => pht('Blindigo'),
      'red' => pht('Red'),
      'blue' => pht('Blue'),
      'green' => pht('Green'),
      'indigo' => pht('Indigo'),
      'dark' => pht('Dark'),
      'mycompany' => pht('MyCompany'),

I may have had to run ‘bin/celerity map’ (it was some years ago)

I’m pretty sure that is all I did, but it let me set it to corporate colors that match our website and that helped adoption because it felt part of us already.


When we have ours I may try this too mydeveloperday - thanks again.