How to Configure Mailers

Hi! I was curious how I can set up my mailers on phabricator? I’m a bit new to phabricator and it says the issue is “hidden”

Hi, have you looked at this documentation for setting up outbound email?

For the issue being “hidden” I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to. Those configurations might be prevented from display in the web UI and locked to only being viewed and modified via the ./bin/config script. The ./bin/mail script can be used for testing the configuration.

Hi, yes I did read that… however I have an external mail server and still am a bit confused on how to use the ./bin/config script to configure mail

That page has all the information you need to configure this. Specifically see the section “Setting Complex Configuration”.

Set up your configuration in a mailers.json file then use

$ ./bin/config set --stdin cluster.mailers < mailers.json

Then delete the json file once the value is set properly.

There’s more information about hidden/locked configurations here, which is linked from the configuration page.