How to create chart


I do’nt find any documentation about chart. I would like to know if there is a way to create chart and adding it in dashboard.


So your question is not “How to create chart” but “Can a chart be embedded into a dashboard?” As far as I know, currently the answer is no. Can you elaborate on your use case and which underlying problem this would solve?

We just installed new phabricator instance to renew our development tools. The main goal on the first step is to manage repositories and access (replace svn by git and better security access on repos). Here it’s ok and will be finished soon.

The second step and the reason why i ask this question, is to migrate old project management tool (lotus notes :sob:). Phabricator display some information, we can make queries to create report but always in text.

For project team, i would like to create board with usefull chart like open/close/workingprogress task by project, user repartition, open/close issue by month global or by project… . And i’m sure, each team will ask for other chart or report with data stored in phabricator .

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Currently Burndown charts exist by default. See for example

For general information about potentially expanding Charts support in the future, see

For highly customized charts, either pulling information via Conduit and rendering on your own, or custom code changes could be another option.