How to Create Custom Forms


I am very sorry! I had not realized before that the “Duplicate Form” item that I referred to is a custom patch that we have in our installation at Wikimedia. is the custom code we’re using, as upstream was not interested in supporting that in .
Again, I’m sorry.


That’s ok. We actually stopped using Phabricator. The code is good but the UI is terrible, the docs are worse, and there is virtually no community support. The best support is you. :slight_smile:

I’m not surprised upstream didn’t want to support it. They seem very lazy, despite writing good code.


Your mileage may vary as my experience is different.
Phab upstream developers might not want to implement every request as every feature creates maintenance costs for years (saying “No” is the most important skill when developing a product).
But they usually add a clear explanation why they won’t implement something plus provide excellent explanations how to best implement a feature yourself if you really wanted it.
In contrast, in many other projects, developers just rarely reply to anything (for various reasons).


I am aware of this. I have worked on and managed pro dev teams for a long time. I say “no” as often as necessary.