How to create stacked review


I have complex change I want to have reviewed. It is in mercurial. I have split the change into multiple (cca 10) smaller and easily comprehend-able commits/changesets and I would like to create stacked review. If that is the correct term.

I have tried to use the ‘hg phabsend’ module. That creates the stacked review nicely, but any time I update one of the older changesets it creates new stacked review instead of updating the existing review.

Moreover I have to enable evolve extension, which I would like to avoid for the moment.

Is there a way to use ‘arc diff’ directly to force given changeset to be included into a ‘stacked review’?

I have found something similar for git here:

In other words, what I want to achive is:

  • I have 10 changesets
  • I create a stacked review (so that every diff has in the “Revision Contents” section a tab called “Stack” showing links to the changeset ancestors). Diffs number D100 - D109 are created
  • Someone suggests changes to 5th diff
  • I histedit my workspace and apply the suggestion
  • this may or may not require to change children changesets (6 - 10th)
  • I upload the new review, diffs D100-D104 are unchanged, diffs D105-D109 have second “revision” so that it can be seen what changed because of my work in the specific changeset(s).

Or maybe I do not understand how pahbricator should be used in such situations?

Thank you