How to define transitions between task statuses?


New comer toPhabricator, we selected Phabricator as our replacement tool for bugtracker first, then expand to wiki, CI and release tool… I have played a bit with Maniphest and Projects using custom fields and user-defined subtypes. It’s a great engine that can modelize our CR/PR process.

Now, we want to dumb things down to favor adoption among the team and its collaborators (various profiles other than dev) and correct usage. We currently a workflow diagram for CR/PR with required information between status. We would like to know :

  • How to define transition between task statuses following our CR/PR state diagram ?
  • How to require some fields to be filled when changing task statuses ?

Ideally, we want to implement this via Phabricator UI. Otherwise, we want to know what kind of work it would require.

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Neither feature is currently supported.

Defining valid state transitions will likely happen in some future version of Phabricator, since there’s some existing customer interest.

We currently have no customer interest in requiring particular fields be present only in particular states, so I have no current plans to implement this feature.

I believe neither feature has a straightforward pathway to implementation which can be explained simply.

Thank you for your valuable answer. Our minds are clearer now.