How to donate to Phacility?

I’m totally in love with Phabricator. It saves me hours every month (but I also try to invest these saved hours to play and play with Phabricator, in order to do not have any substantial gain).

Actually I think that my small usage does not fall under any Phacility service plan so I tried to discover how to donate to Phacility, landing on this page:


Can I be invited in to try the donation process? I would simply like to give something without getting anything in return (except possibly the redemption of my sins - if it is something that can be covered by this donation).


In 2014 (when that donation link became available) Phacility was largely pre-revenue. Phacility now has revenue and accepting donations no longer feels appropriate to me. I’ve closed the initiative and added a slightly more detailed explanation there.

Realistically, accepting a small volume of small donations as a real company is a headache from a tax and payment processing perspective, and it doesn’t make sense to spend time making these things more efficient because I don’t expect to ever receive much revenue from this channel.

If you’d just like a way to give a small “thank you” gift, I could set up an Amazon Wishlist or something?

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Having said I hate Amazon because it think it does not work well without (Free) JavaScript, I can surely give it a try to give you a toaster for your office or a coffee pot or whatever. asd

I was here looking for the donation option myself too. I have a self hosted instance of Phabricator, and I would immediately contribute to something like a Phabricator Patreon / Tidelift to encourage development.

Edit: I would like to invite you guys to reconsider the option of accepting donations because I personally enjoy Phabricator and am grateful for it. And I’d love to support it. And it feels wrong to not contribute to something that is amazing and a core part of my workflow, while I pay for other stuff that is not integral to my work and where the owners just have the nerve to ask for money.

Maybe have a list of personal Paypals / Patreons where we can contribute to individual contributors without making it a business thing.