How to get a task for a differential?

So I get differential PHID (PHID-DREV-…) and need to get all tasks that are associated with it. I’m having hard time figuring out how to do it. Could someone please give me some pointers?

Call, providing the PHID-DREV-... as a source PHID and revision.task as a type.

Thank you, now I have a way. But it’s marked as unstable, is there a stable way to do this?

There’s no better approach. is very unlikely likely to change (and has, in practice, been stable for several years) – the warning is just because it was initially added as a quick fix for a customer and I didn’t want to over-promise if it turned out there were problems with it. That’s also why the documentation for it is very sparse. At some point, it will likely be better documented and the “unstable” marker will be removed.

Thank you, that makes sense. Will proceed with it than.