How to get the differential link to every affected commits?

We are currently using audit workflow, and preparing move to review workflow with Arcanist.

If I create a git commit and send that to review in differential (by calling “arc diff”), the commit message will be modified to contain the link to given review.
If I create a second git commit and update the review in differenitial (by calling “arc diff”), the commit message will not contain the link to same review, instead it is remaining only in the first commit. Is it possible (without manual editing) to get also included in the second commit, as it covers that too?

Another example:
If I create three consecutive git commits in my tree and then push those in review (by calling “arc diff”), only the last commit message will contain the link to differential even all three are covered in that review. Moreover if I now create a fourth commit and update (by calling “arc diff”), only third commit contain the link. Can the link be somehow written in every commit where it affects?

When using Differential, the idea is that each Revision is being squashed into a single commit when landing. The commit message of this commit is built from the Revision details.
If you use an immutable-history approach, then a merge commit is created when lending, and only this commit will have a link to the revision.