How to handle feature branch diff creation


Background -

At my current organization, we use a feature branch development approach. For every new product feature, we create a new feature branch. Its kept up to date with develop (master) branch throughout the development process. Feature work is divided into various tickets branch and then each ticket branch is arc landed to feature branch.

Question -

When I create PR against a develop branch from feature branch, revision gets closed automatically as all the diffs on a feature branch are already approved. Is there a way to make sure that this does not happen? I tried explicitly using --create which does not close the new diff but it squashes all the commits in one when I arc land feature branch PR after approval. Basically, I am looking for a way to create a diff with for a branch which already has n approved diffs and all of them won’t get squashed in one if I land it.

Any comments/feedback highly appriciated.


You can ask arc to merge the commits instead of squashing them. Take a look at arc land --merge.


Will that create merge commit? Because I would like to maintain clean revision history for all that commits when I land. I will give it try on test branch irrespective.