How to import .mpp to tasks?


This is safer from China. I and our team work for an R& D department in a listed IT company in China.
We are using PHA for our internal R& D task, bug, etc management. For the task management, usually we set up the schedule by using Microsoft Project to see the dependency and the resources conflicts, etc.
And then we manually create the relevant tasks in PHA and assign to each individuals.
I am wondering whether PHA has the feature to import the tasks listed in mpp made by Microsoft project into PHA so that we don’t have to manually create one by one , which is really time-consuming. As far as I know, Jira, redmine, Pivotal all have this feature. Or it might be that PHA does have this feature. Anyway, please let me know if you have this feature and if you don’t have this feature for now, will you please let me and our team know that whether you are going to develop thi feature soon this year?
Thanks for your attention and really look forward to your reply.