How to interpret burnup charts?

I am having a hard time interpreting the burnup charts generated by Phabricator.

What do the datapoints show? The amount of tasks that became opened/closed on that day? The total amount of open/closed tasks on a given day?

Plus, the data point’s labels don’t seem to align with the y axis. Some points lie next to each other but vary greatly in their value.

Please help me wrap my head around this

This part of the UI is still fairly debug-focused.

2015-9-11: 1594
39 Points

On 2015-9-11, there were 1,594 tasks with an “open” status.

The datapoint you’re hovering over aggregates 39 events since the previous datapoint. Under certain debugging parameters, clicking it will expand the 39 datapoints into raw events. “Points” here means “aggregated fact event datapoints”, not “tasks” or “task points”. This is misleading and not the final behavior.

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