How to move bulk task between column


  • as seen on screenshot above, I’d like to move task from column v2 to column v3 using dropdown button on column v2.
  • But seem like the function is to move task to another project.
  • I already update phabricator version to the latest today.
  • Is there any way how to move multiple task between column in one project?

Thank you.


You see, if I select Move Tasks to Column the popup says “which project the task will be move” should be " which column" right?


is it a bug, or is it intended feature?


I think you need to select a project in this page, and the next page will ask you to choose a column in that project…

In my test, the Project field is pre-populated with the current project, so it might be a little clearer.

Chuck it down to “UI is confusing”-bug.