How to Specify Epoch Values in the Conduit *.edit API


I am trying to create a Calendar event via the conduit api calendar.event.edit. The api creates an event as expected when you only specify Transaction types that do not require epoch values like the transaction list below:

[{"type":"name","value":"Test Event 1"}]

But when I include start or end as part of my transaction list along with an epoch value like the transaction list below:

[{"type":"name","value":"Test Event 1"},{"type":"start","value":1552377582},{"type":"end","value":1552381182}]

I am met with this screen:

This problem extends to other edit conduit API that requires epoch transaction types like countdown.edit's epoch.

However, if I key in those same epoch values in non-edit Endpoints like the createdStart parameter in the API, the search API works as intended.

Not sure if I am not specifying the epoch values correctly.