How to stop Phrequent tracking with phrequent.pop?

We have the doubled Time Tracking problem that people discovered here Phrequent Time Tracking broken - Tracker counts 2 times and is not stoppable

Is it possible to stop it via conduit per phrequent.pop?

I am trying to enter
objectPHID: [“PHID-ID”]
stopTime: [“1”]
note: [“stopthistask”]

But it gives me the error:
Expected a scalar or null for %s conversion. Query: SELECT COUNT( N FROM %s usertime WHERE usertime.userPHID = %s AND usertime.objectPHID = %s AND usertime.dateEnded IS NULL

Anyone know how to fix thos?

I also of course tried to input the stopTime without quotation so that is is an actual int - still nothing…