How to trigger re-examining git log for Ref T(asks)


I’ve created an observing git repo (yet another from many for me) , and it started ok. I can see it imported it. The problem I have is that even though the log in that repo has Ref Txxx in it, these were not attached to the task(s) in question.
If I look at the commit message , inside Diffusion, I can see it inserted the link to the Ref Txx, so I can navigate from commit to task. But , for all my other repos, normally after they get imported, the commits get attached to proper tasks / Task gets a list of relevant commits under it if you examine the task.

If there away to trigger re-examining of the log looking for Refs? Or what is the way to attached them properly, without doing this manually.


I think you’re looking for ./bin/repository reparse in the phabricator directory on the server.


Hello @avivey.

Will it remove duplicates of commits too, from the Phabricator’s git history, and, the duplicate commit objects from the Tasks?

Say if git history gets re-written …


It won’t remove “duplicate” commits, but if they were deleted from the git repo (not just became unreachable), it won’t process them again.