How to unlock a Portal to view/edit it as an admin, similar to Tasks?

Problem: As an admin, going to I either get “Access Denied: Restricted Portal. You do not have permission to view this object.” or “Access Denied: You do not have permission to edit this object.”

I know I can unlock the Edit Policy of tasks, via sudo /phabricator/bin/policy unlock --edit MyUserName T1234 which passes T1234 as a parameter.

For portals listed under there seems to be no such ID.
So it is unclear to me which parameter to pass.

You can pass the portal PHID, but it may be difficult to discover:

./bin/policy unlock --edit epriestley PHID-PRTL-uhjsyyd4oyumlwo2rhg5
 UNLOCKING  Unlocking: Test Portal A
 UNLOCKED  Modified object policies.

        Object URI:

If you have phabricator.developer-mode enabled, you can discover the PHID by accessing the portal edit view, then clicking “Manage Portal” > “Advanced/Developer…” > “View Handle”:

If you don’t have this mode enabled, you can call the Conduit API method via the web interface, submitting a query that looks like this:

Replace [1] with the ID (or list of IDs) of the portal you want to discover the PHID for, e.g. [456, 789].

You should get results like this, revealing the PHID:

If you have CLI access anyway, you can also connect to the database (e.g., with bin/storage shell, or mysql) and SELECT phid FROM phabricator_dashboard.dashboard_portal WHERE id = ....

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Thanks a lot! I was never aware that I can also pass the PHID.

I updated bin/policy help unlock to explicitly mention that you can use a PHID in

(Although it isn’t universally true, most bin/whatever commands that can accept an object name (like “T123”) can also accept a PHID, since not every object type has a monogram/human-friendly name.)

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