HTML entities used in plaintext mail about subtask changes when subtask title contains reserved characters


Observed Behavior:
Plaintext email contains the HTML entities for reserved characters in subtask titles when notifying about subtask changes, rather than actual characters.

Expected Behavior:
Plaintext emails should contain the actual characters when giving the title of subtasks.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator 632cafec881bbabcd84ddbe7022c521dea6e81bc (Mon, Aug 27)
arcanist e1e93271e6e0f38d2bfa318d1d3d644d43b40962 (Fri, Aug 24)
phutil ddc0e031461b52e24e3f97192acb5aee43d5f419 (Fri, Aug 24)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Set a user’s email preferences to plaintext
  2. Create a task with a reserved HTML character (ie. &, <, >, or ") somewhere in the name, and make it a subtask of another task
  3. Assign the parent task to the plaintext-loving user
  4. Change the status of the subtask

I mean obviously this is a very, very minor problem, but it seems quite reproducible and since this is handled correctly basically everywhere else I figure it’s hopefully a cheap and quick fix :slight_smile:

(To my surprise, .txt attachments aren’t allowed here, but I can paste in the entire source of an example email message if that’d be helpful.)