HTTP Basic Auth Not Configured



after upgrade phabricator from an old version (see below) to the latest stable version I got this issue, but every seems works fine.
Could anyone explain what does it mean?

Previous Phabricator version where:

phabricator c0d42a89430a655f48e30adc1dbc2085c4a904e6 (May 2 2016)
arcanist c58f1b9a2507488b2152473dd1f0bbc7e99c09c1 (Apr 29 2016)
phutil 0709cd5cfc2616c29104387de6dde3de1db7fa32 (May 2 2016)

, and I’m using Apache as web server.
The full message is :

Phabricator sent itself a test request with an “Authorization” HTTP header, and expected those credentials to be transmitted. However, they were absent or incorrect when received. Phabricator sent username “alincoln” with password “hunter2”; received username “” and password “”.

Your webserver may not be configured to forward HTTP basic authentication. If you plan to use basic authentication (for example, to access repositories) you should reconfigure it.
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