I can't create Almanac space

I have installed Phabricator and fall in love at this moment. I will start use Almanac to make list of all my machines and services but I have an error when trying to make a new Almanac space

Method getAlmanacPropertySetTransactionType in class AlmanacNamespace is not implemented!

How to resolve this ?

Really. I am the only person who has that problem ?

Almanac is a very advanced tool, with hardly any usage in the wild.

Ok, maybe it is complicated but hownto create new namespace on fresh install?

I’am the only one who want to try this feature and have issue with it ?

Well, this function really isn’t implemented: AlmanacNamespace.php · phabricator

Looks like you are the only one that tried to use it…

Good news. This is not my problem this is problem of this project. So I will wait until this will start works.

This is likely fixed by https://secure.phabricator.com/D21543, which is now in master.