Image uploads for forms too restricted by default


Observed Behavior:

Images uploaded when editing a Maniphest Task form, are by default only visible to the uploader. Anyone else able to see the form, is not able to see the images. The instead see the raw {F0000} syntax.

Expected Behavior:

I was expecting it to do “the right thing” by default. More technically, I was expecting it to behave similar to what happens when uploading an image into a task description or comment, which I believe somehow (once submitted) makes the images’ visibility match that of the task.

Phabricator Version:

“phabricator a54b3cd94e945016fcdfdacee30cf26dc65cb761 (Wed, Mar 20)”, as installed at

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Edit a form for a Maniphest task, where the form has visibility “Public (No login required)”
  2. Drag an image into the “Preable” text area.
  3. Submit the form via “Save changes”.

After this, for me the form works fine. But for others, the images were not visible.

Downstream report at



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