Import Git repo with the UI

It seems like there is currently no way to import a repository via the UI

In Gitlab and Gogs/Gitea, that is pretty easy, so I guess this is something we can improve here.

I simply like to copy paste an URL somewhere, while there is no such mention in either the UI or the documentation.

If you visit and search for “import”, you’ll find this document: which explains how to observe and how to import an existing repository. This is done from the UI.

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I mean to import the repo with the UI.
Not to find the documentation, how to do it with the CLI, via the UI.
Which is why the name and description of this issue :smiley:

The documentation is about how to do it from the UI.
It’s very hard to do from the CLI, so I’m really not sure how you figured that one out but not the UI one.

git push is a command line tool and there is a typo, by the way:

There are two primary ways to import an existing repository:
Observe first: …
Push to Empty Repository:…

Only one of these methods include a command line tool.

Thanks, see

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Observe First essentially swallows the documentation about how to import, that doesn’t make it unnecessary?

And there is still no GUI way in my cognition, so where can you see one?

I mean such a thing:

And such one:

Please read the docs. You’re asking for a feature we do have, and you’re showing 2 different tools showing 2 different features (one of them basically a re-hash of the form we actually use).

I read your docs several times now and it is still invisible to me.
Even once you pointed me directly to that same page which I already discovered on my own.
So it seems appropriate to rework that page since obviously, it fails to serve its purpose.

And both tools do one and the same thing, import git repositories.
One does it sophisticated and one does it simply.

Phabricator does it hidden.