Import SVN repository

I’ve been stuck with this problem for a while, so I’m trying to ask for help here.
I want to import an existing SVN repository to phabricator.
First i tried to observe it first, but after the successfully observation there arent any working copy.
Does anybody know how to migrate the repository (e.g. with svnsync)?
I have searched a lot but unfortunately found nothing on how to do this.

The manual is a little terse: ◉ Diffusion User Guide: URIs

It says “Copy on Disk” is “the only way to import a Subversion repository because only the master copy of the repository has history”.

The “Observe first” doesn’t work with Subversion, because in SVN, “observing” doesn’t actually pull all the SVN data (copying all the history was/is a big benefit of “distributed version control” systems like Git and Mercurial).

Thanks @avivey first of all for your answer. In the storage tab there is defined a folder that does not exist yet (maybe only after activation). Should I create this folder (var/lib/repos/123) myself and copy the blabla into it?

That sounds like it might work - you’ll need to copy the directory from the server (svnsync? svnadmin dump?) and copy that. Make sure to check the files ownership (◉ Diffusion User Guide: Repository Hosting - I believe it should be owned by the vcs-user).
This Moving a Subversion Repository to Another Server looks like a general guide on migrating svn repositories.

Thanks, it works!