Importering an observed svn repo is stuck

We have recently installed phabricator and are trying to import an observed svn repo.
This is the status:

Repository Active
Found Binary svn /usr/bin/svn
Pull Daemon Running
Task Daemon Running
Waiting For Update Waiting for daemons to read updates.
Importing 0.00% Complete

All the daemons are running and we have also tried stopping and starting the demons again and that doesn’t change anything.

A weird thing we have noticed is that the folder for the repo (R5) has not been made.

If we run this:
root@96554fcd68e5:/var/www/phab/phabricator# ./bin/repository list-paths
| Repository | Path |
| R5 | /var/repo/5/ |
| R3 | /var/repo/3/ |
| R2 | /var/repo/2/ |
| R1 | /var/repo/1/ |

it says the path should be /var/repo/5
But only
/var/repo/3 exist
root@96554fcd68e5:/var/www/phab/phabricator# ls /var/repo/
1 2 3

I haven’t found any logs that give me any error messages that point to where the problem might be.

Do you have any tips for trying to debug this?

Observed subversion repositories don’t create a working copy on disk, so it’s expected that /var/repo/5/ will never exist.

bin/repository list-paths is only reporting the configured/reserved path. The workflow could perhaps be a little more clear about this, but it’s a relatively low-level / technical workflow. The UI (Manage Repository > Storage) is more explicit in showing that this type of repository has “No Local Working Copy”:


To debug this, try running:

./bin/repository update R5 --trace

If the repository is enormous, the initial update of an observed SVN repository can take a very long time (many hours), mostly because some of the SVN commands we need to run are very slow. It’s possible that things are working normally and SVN is just taking a while if you haven’t been waiting an especially long time.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. You were right, it was just taking a long time. It’s 99.91 % done now :slight_smile:
It is also a very old repository with 15+ years of commits. So things seem to be working.

Again thanks for the quick reply!