Increase Phabricator Limit for S3 storage engine


How can I increase the maximum file size limit for S3 storage engine? Currently it is 8 MB. Chunked Storage Engine is enabled.

post_max_size is 4GB
memory_limit is -1


I came across the following answer on StackOverflow

None of the engines support more than 8MB. Larger files are stored by chunking them client-side and uploading the chunks (the chunk size is currently 4MB).

Apparently, chunking only works with drag-and-drop - try that instead of using the file upload form.

So, I tried dropping a 42MB file into a comment box. First I got a MySQL error about max_allowed_packet. So I increased it from 32M to 100M. On my next try, I got an error that the packet size is more than 10% of redo log size. And I had to increased innodb_log_file_size to 1G.

I was able to upload to S3 after that.


if you had to configure MySQL to support it, then you’re storing the files in MySQL, not in S3.
See for configuring Amazon S3 storage.


The file was chunked and uploaded to S3.