Inline comments not generated for lint results when uploaded from Windows


Observed Behavior:
When a Windows-based machine is used to upload lint results for diffs via Arcanist, the results themselves are transmitted successfully but the relevant file paths have slash issues. This in turn causes rendering issues online wherein links to file locations are broken and inline comments for lint results are not rendered. This appears entirely related to a flipping of slashes.

Expected Behavior:
Inline lint results within the file viewer.

Phabricator Version:

  • phabricator 007fb4c30e796709ed21df16d3c018d944dfccef (Fri, Sep 1) (branched from 577d4980339f68826d534110107687f33b176e88 on origin)
  • arcanist 17515c94b2dabd4b6e3d20101b479d927c62b88e (Fri, Sep 1) (branched from ad8214456add127935b2a49119d25670d9ef7963 on origin)
  • phutil 6cb950597e30500e0315a977bde26ee677d73c25 (Fri, Sep 1) (branched from 0cd92b1ff5c4e3cabfe691c8a1794b23e1f3f720 on origin)

Reproduction Steps:
Utilize a Windows computer that uploads lint results relevant to specific lines in files, note that results are available but do not display correctly.

Proposed fix was provided in which makes results upload / display correctly. This “is Windows” code appears to be peppered around the Arcanist source in similar fashion.


Just one data point: my team’s Windows devs run a patched version of arcanist that modifies src/workflow/ArcanistWorkflow.php to normalise Windows paths to POSIX at the last minute, right before arcanist uploads the lint results to Phabricator. Not sure of the overall merits of this approach as compared to the fix you posted, but it at least ensures that our Windows devs continue to see backslash-delimited paths in the arcanist CLI, but the lint results in the Differential web UI use POSIX paths and properly link to the offending lines in the diff.


This continues to be an issue. We are running a patched workflow in similar fashion due to the slash issues.


After a ton of changes in late 2019 / early 2019 this is resolved and Windows support is a lot better.