Installing phabricator (most reliable version)

As a beginner in the use of phabricator , I would like to know what is the most confirmed stable version of phabricator, cause as I noticed there is update on a weekly bases and it’s a normal procedure to follow specially to fix bugs

There’s a stable branch on all git repos of phabricator. Install stable and keep it up to date and you’ll be fine.


Phabricator doesn’t have stable releases in the same fashion of most other software. They release changes to the stable branch on a weekly basis. I upgrade my install about 1-2 times quarterly. The upgrade process is fairly painless.


Follow stable and update as you can. Updating before filing a bug report just reduces our support time and weeds out already resolved issues.

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I don’t think this really an effective credible way of working on a product, if I may to explain ; it is really confusing to keep just updating every (1-2 weeks) the phabricator, as it is not really an efficient sure credible way to fully evolve , for instance, prestashop, they declare an official version and also keep their git repos open for update nd change! I 'm just saying for an entreprise maybe working with pahbricator, there is no room for stability, I mean how to can I as a user fully have confidence in the last released version and how I can be sure that this version is the most upgraded enhanced one, you see?!

@Rim_sb, I’m not entirely sure what you take issue with here (or what kind of a process you’d find preferable). The latest stable enhancements are always available on the stable branch. In the event that a change causes something to break, it is more often than not fixed before it makes it onto stable as part of a weekly release.

If you’d like more assurance that a changeset will be stable for you, I’d recommend doing the following:

  1. Deploy onto a staging environment beforehand and test major workflows. We have several extensions on top of Phabricator that we always test before deploying new upstream changes.
  2. Read the changelog before upgrading. This is an incredibly helpful resource.
  3. Extend Phabricator by writing more unit and integration tests specific to your usage patterns.
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Well we’re all three early Facebook engineers, where weekly deployment and single branch development was the norm. Scaling the site from millions to billions. Phabricator is architected from the same patterns (it was born there). We roll out weekly releases to the Phacility tier, and for years we’ve not really have any issues with this deployment speed. It’s what our customers expect - since we can turn around requests and fixes in a week, not months to them.

You have no obligation to update weekly, or even monthly. Some people stay at HEAD of master, some people update once a quarter. It’s up to you.