Instance member incorrectly identified as "unregistered"

Hey! I’m having issues with creating accounts on a Phacility test instance.

This one regards the “unregistered” status… Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it does feel like a bug to me.

Reproduction Instructions

  1. Create a new test instance of Phacility (in this case
  2. Invite a new member to the instance (through
  3. Following the invite link, create a new Phacility user and register them on the instance (username: kkom-test5 both on and on
  4. Observe that the invited user is still incorrectly identified as “has not created an account on the instance yet” when browsing instance details on .

Here are screenshots supporting 3 & 4 (I can upload just one image on Discourse now):

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

Whatever was in production on on May 5, 2020 (18:00 UTC).

This screenshot better shows that I believe kkom-test5 is registered on the instance:

For Phacility support, use > (click your instance name) > Support (in the left nav), or email “” if you can’t access the support portal for some reason. I’ll follow up via that channel.

Oh, sorry – since it’s a test instance there’s no support access. I’ll email you directly.