Integration suggestions

Just wanted to kindly suggest you to consider some kind of collaboration with 2 serious, development-related, free software projects:

  • Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. It partly overlaps/competes with phabricator, yet they focus on product design while you rather show a more technical vibe. You could reuse some parts or get in touch and arrange some integration.
  • GrimoireLab provides visual software development analytics. AFAIK Phabricator doesn’t have this yet (Perhaps it’s out of scope).

I’d like you to check them and provide some feedback. Did you already know 'em? Is any of those interesting? Why not?

See some discussion in

In general, integrations are very expensive to build and maintain. There needs to be a good reason to build and maintain an integration.

From the user’s perspective, I brought my functional reasons forward in my first message: both tools would extend Fabricator’s functionality.

On the technical side, Taiga already has an API and GrimoireLab has a module able to read from Fabricator. Both are backed by companies you could contact to make it smoother.

And from the business perspective, in Taiga’s case, being it a SaaS company there’s even room to exchange some comission money if Fabricator is used by Taiga users or the other way around.