Internationalization of Phabricator


I know there is a task at Wikimedia about this, but it is marked as very low priority. Would upstream Phabricator be interested in internationalization itself? I’m sure if set up, there would be a lot of volunteers who could help translating Phabricator, and I think there is a number of users who would benefit from languages other than English being available on Phabricator.


You can already translate Phabricator, and community members share these translations on

We have no short term plans on shipping first party translations, there is not much interest.


Is there a specific Phabricator extension that would be recommended and that can enable multiple languages on a Phabricator instance?


Your admin should know how to do this.


How are these files used? Where can I find an admin manual that explains in a few sentences how to add a language file? There is too much noise about “phabricator translation” on the internet, but no authoritative source. I am directed to extremely lengthy discussions about wikimedia issues and translatewiki stuff - but I just quickly want to add a translation file to phabricator, not translate wikimedia softwares.

Also this important link
does not exist anymore what makes it a bit problematic to find good information.

Could anybody please write up a small howto?

BTW it would be great if I could just add a new issue to the phabricator issue tracker, but I can not even register on that site. I would write:

Please make Phabricator automatically recognize translation files without any user intervention needed and without having to patch some files. Please let users just add their translations to a directory and then the translation should be there.

On my first few days with phabricator I was quite impressed, everything looks really good - but the I18N story is abysmal - however for experienced phab admins and devs this dark corner must be easily fixable - please do it, would be very appreciated! Thanks!


The link works again now. There’s some bug and it sometimes goes away.


Ah, thanks for the hint.

BTW: I would like to add another feature request - I feel a little bit stupid to say that I could not find a public bug tracker for this open source bug tracker project on the internet, maybe I was too tired, I do not understand that situation but have no time budget to investigate, so I add it here to remember it in the future:

Please deliver I18N files for at least the top 20 languages spoken in the world - make it possible for users to select one of them for the UI and also let admins select a default language for the current instance. The world is big and colorful, we like that!