Invite users outside of ``


Our Phabricator installation is publicly accessible but we have set so that we only allow user registrations from our company’s domain. We allow our users to register their own accounts using Google as the auth provider.

We are now dealing with enterprise customers and, as such, have a need to allow users from outside of our company to access our Phabricator installation. I used the “invite users” workflow to send invitations to users outside of our company’s domain. The invitations were sent, but following the link failed with the following error message:

The account you are attempting to register with has an invalid email address (REDACTED). This Phabricator install only allows registration with specific email addresses:

Email address must be at one of: REDACTED

Is it possible to invite users outside of We don’t want to add additional domains to because we want to control which of our enterprise customers have access to Phabricator rather than allowing anyone with an email address from the enterprise customer’s domain from registering an account.