Is a Test Management tool available in Phabricator?


We are likely to use Phabricator in our company. On its website, it is written that it can " Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.".

However I am not sure there are tools available for proper test validation of softwares, like in Tuleap tool for example.

What would be the best way to proceed to validate a software? In particular:

  • write tests to validate software before sending to Production (not talking about unit testing, but use case tests in real condition, processed by a tester)
  • link each test with other items (Functional Specification for example, to be sure all the specs are met)
  • possibly sort them by category, and order them
  • run a first validation round and indicate which test fails/passes
  • adapt tests if needed
  • run other rounds until all tests pass
  • get a validation report for Quality Affairs

I dont think the Test Plan workflow in Code Review is what I need, as I would like to group all the tests at one place, test them all at the same time, reuse them each time we have a software version to validate, etc.

Thank you for your help and advices.

Phabricator does not support tests run by humans, because no customers have expressed interest in this capability. See for some discussion.