Is it possible for a placeholder user


Can a user be created just as a placeholder and then have it so non-users can add a task/issue and it automatically assigns itself to that placeholder user. My company wants people to be able to submit issues, but not have access to our instance, because the users privacy must be maintain due to HIPAA requirements so we can’t store any information besides the technical issue they are submitting the ticket for and their username for the product they use from us.


The applicable discussions upstream are Grey Users and the Nuance project.

The Nuance project would be a tool/workflow for non-users to interact with Phabricator objects (primarily Tasks, or tasks-like objects), for things such as Support. It’s currently in the Prototype phase, which is short for “not ready for public use”.

It does sound like Nuance is closer to what you’re looking for than “grey users”, which is what we call “people who are not users yet, but are likely to become users”.

The quickest way to achieve what you’re after is to create a single bot user, and provide the public with a dedicated front-end to submit tickets; That front end will then use the bot account’s credentials to create the Maniphest ticket, and include the original requestor’s information in custom field(s) or in free text.
Then, you can use a Custom Herald Action to send the responses to the applicable non-user using those custom fields and your existing channels.