Is it possible to allow reviewers to indicate that they agree with a fix of a review comment

On development process is quite strict an requires reviewers to formally agree with the solution the developer produces for a review comment.


Reviewer: Please change this magic number to a constant
Author: changes the code
Author: Presses on “done” button
Reviewer: Makes a comment with “OK”

This is somewhat related to In our case however, it would be great if when the an inline comment is set to “done” by anyone else than the author of that comment, the author of the comment would have a dropdown with the option “Agree” (or a similar text).

It should raise a warning when the reviewer wants to accept the revision while not all done’s are agreed.

Having this functionality would allow strict review schemes like we have. Currently, we have someone check that each review comment is followed by an “OK” by the reviewer, as people tend to miss one every now and then.

Obviously, this should be optional behaviour.