Is it possible to control the access on a pull-request?


I want to know whether it is possible to create a pull request and assign it to a team member who has access to certain parts of the repository and “only he/she along with me” would be able to view the pull request.

  • Revisions (Our variation on “pull request”) have View Policies.

  • Repositories have View Policies.

  • In order to see a Revision that belongs to a Repository, a user needs to be able to see both the Revision and the Repository.

  • You can create a test instance at to play around and see how things work.


We have a scenario where we need to allow only reviewers to be able to see the revision. We want to create diff using arc diff.
While creating a diff in web UI, we have a field (“Visible to”) which can be used to configure who can see this revision. But, I can’t find an argument or something to do the same using arc.
So, regarding this I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to set the field using arc while creating diff?
  2. Or is it possible to set the default policy of visible to no one anywhere in the config? If it is possible, please help me understand where to configure the global setting for this policy.


I’m not sure if you can restrict access to parts of a repository, because as far as I know users will be able to view the whole repository in Diffusion if they have access to it. You’ll probably make your life easier if you move the restricted paths to separate repositories.

To create diffs only visible to certain users you can use arc diff --preview. This will upload the diff to Phabricator and show you a preview in your web browser. You’ll be able to select reviewers and set the visibility before the actual revision is created.


There’s no way to control visibility from arc diff, but you can set default visibility for new Revisions: From the home page, click More Applications, then Configure next to the Differential line; There click Edit Policies.