Is it possible to restrict forms by project or space?

Hi, I’ve been using Phabricator for a while now and have several spaces with multiple projects set up and it’s great apart from one tiny little issue with forms.

I have set up several forms to create Maniphest issues with different default values for the various projects, but I can’t figure out how to only show a specific form within a specific project.

For example, if a user has access to Project A, Project B and Project C and each of these projects have a customized form then on Project A’s workboard in the dropdown all three forms will appear. Each form has a unique name, but it’s still confusing to see “Create Project B task” within Project A’s workboard.

If a user has access to only one project, there’s no issue as the forms’ visibility field restricts access and only the project’s form is visible.

Is there are a way to hide forms based on which project’s workboard or space the user is in? Or a different way to handle this completely?


There is currently no way to mark certain forms as the “default” (or “only available”) forms on a particular workboard. This is a feature with some customer interest that’s likely to be implemented sooner or later, but not at the top of the pipeline.

(There’s no more general way to set up configuration such that if a task is tagged with project X, only forms Y or Z can be used with it, or that it’s impossible to tag a task with X unless you use form Y. These sorts of features would create a lot of complicated problems and I’d say they are not likely to ever come upstream, at least as first-class features.)

You can limit a form to users who have access to a particular Space S by setting the form’s view policy to “Space S”.

Note that there’s currently no way to temporarily put yourself “in a Space” so you primarily/only see things associated with that Space and/or that Space becomes the default when you create new objects. This is a feature which might come upstream eventually, but has little customer interest today.

Yes, that could definitely get complicated quickly. I’m just looking to control which forms are visible on the workboards though so will keep an eye out for this in future updates if it does one day get implemented.

Thanks for your reply.