Is task creation notified under "other task activity"?

#1 suggests that is the case. Should task creation have it’s own category under notifications?


See for plans, and earlier discussion in


In this particular case, “A task is created.” isn’t a type of activity under the old system. Edits as a side effect of creation (probably the title being set) are actually triggering the effect. If you could create a task without actually setting any fields, it wouldn’t count as any type of activity.

The “A revision is created.” activity is actually just a lie, it really means “A reviewer is assigned.”. This is usually pretty close to commit creation.

The old system is a generally a mess and these are some of the reasons I’m killing it. Mail stamps generate a new() stamp for new objects and a mention(@username) stamp for mentions.


(Actually, it looks like this one probably works? The intermediate value is MAILTAG_REVIEW_REQUEST but that’s actually triggered by the initial update. So maybe this isn’t really a lie.)


Thanks for the details! I’ve been schooled :wink: