Is there an ability to tie workboard column with task status


Of course I understand that workboard columns can have any name…but

Is there any mechanism that can be setup such that when I move a task to a “Done” or “Resolved” column that the task status can be updated to “Resolved” at the same time?


No such ability ATM, but there are some plans:


T5474 at first sounds really promising, but its very worthwhile reading Evan’s response to the review in it gives good insight into why the functionality was not added by the Herald rule mechanism

This is clearly something many people are interested in. I know my users have expressed annoyance that they must move the column AND remember to resolve the task (or they don’t get the points in the sprint (extension) making the burn down chart report incorrectly)

It would be good to know if any of the needed parts were already inflight, or if there is anything those of us in the community who regularly make local modifications could prototype/contribute under expert direction


Maybe this is something that needs to go into the Sprints extension as some ad-hoc thing?